This story begins with our quest for the best cheeseburger ever made. We begin with some approx 2″ loosely packed balls of 80/20 ground chuck flattened.

These happen to be stuffed pizza burgers. I like black olives so we start with a couple of pepperoni slices and a few black olive slices

2″ burger balls smashed flat

Next we add some shredded Mozzarella to taste.

Add some mozz

Put the other half on top – as you can see this is very loosely packed as we don’t want a dense burger. Carefully massage the meat into place to fully enclose the ingredients.

Now we add some seasoning before putting on the grill. This is a house blend of Salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and our chipotle powder. It is irresistable on everything 🙂

After about 4 min on one side we flip, add pizza sauce and more shredded mozz. and you can toast some buns at the same time.

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